Infant Program

0-12 months old

Here at Discovery, we know how important this first year of life is for your child. That’s why we’ve crafted a program to meet their physical, emotional, and educational needs. In this early stage of your child’s life, our program is based primarily on the achievement of important developmental milestones while making sure they are happy and healthy.

During the day, you can expect your child to enjoy swinging, singing, playing, clapping, and dancing just to name a few activities. We have several toys available including sensory bottles, balls, and interactive toys to help encourage the development of gross motor skills. One of our main goals is to begin getting your child accustomed to interactions with the other babies as well as their caregivers. We know how important the beginnings of language and social development are, so we make sure to provide plenty of face-to-face nurturing for your baby.

We ask that you provide us with monthly feeding instructions that we will follow during your child’s time at Discovery. If you would like to, you have the option of providing us with pumped breast milk which we can refrigerate for you and warm up for feeding time. A log will be kept by our staff that will detail the care given to your child throughout the day that will include when they were fed and changed.

Discovery Days

Discovery Barn