Pre-K Program

2 1/2 - 5 year olds

Here at Discovery, we get how critical early education is to your preschooler. That’s why we’ve designed a program to serve their growing minds, and leverage their amazing curiosity to give them the best start possible. For this age group, we introduce more of a set schedule and routine to help further the process of transition into a standard classroom setting.

The classroom is designed with your child’s education in mind. There are five stations set up including reading, writing, math, science, and building. Toys and activities are rotated at the stations to keep things fresh and new. Our teachers have fun with this, sometimes changing things out according to seasons or certain themes.

With the skills acquired from our Toddler program, we will go more in-depth into teaching letters and numbers. This includes writing them out, sounding out letters, and learning to write first names in preparation for kindergarten. Five-year-olds will also have the addition of being taught sight words to help prepare for kindergarten. At Discovery, we recognize that each child learns differently and at their own pace. If necessary, we offer one-on-one sessions with teachers to make sure your child feels confident and ready before moving on to the next set of skills.

Our children in this program have the opportunity for freeplay where they can begin to experiment with organizing activities on their own and socializing more with their peers. We continue to model and encourage the prosocial skills of taking turns and sharing. Your child will be having a blast making friends and playing pretend while also learning how to cooperate with others.

For this program, the main meals of breakfast and lunch are given in the cafeteria and snacks are given in the classroom. Safety and cleanliness are important to us, so we make sure to clean thoroughly and monitor the children to minimize the potential for spreading germs.

One of our absolute favorite things at Discovery about working with the children is seeing how much they’ve learned and grown, knowing we’ve taken a part in preparing them for kindergarten and the bright futures ahead of them. We can’t wait to help your child shine!

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