Our Staff

Our staff and teachers are at all times friendly, trustworthy, patient, understanding, and compassionate. We provide guidance based on sensitivity and positive reinforcement. We listen with empathy and respond with understanding to the children, their families and to each other. We offer excellent continuity of care because we believe children deserve to feel confident and secure.

Discovery Days

Nichole Siegel

Nichole Siegel began working in early childhood education in 2014 as a teacher, and became the Director of DDLC in 2017. She earned her Early Childhood Development and Education, Instructional Specialty certification in 2019. Siegel is passionate about watching young children grow, and providing a safe haven away from home for them to feel comfortable. She loves to talk with the children and listen to them tell stories. She enjoys sitting with them and singing, watching them dance and move around, and seeing their minds open.


Discovery Days

Jessica Guerrero

Jessica Guerrero has been working with children for over fifteen years, and she loves being around them. She enjoys watching children grow and learn new things at such a young age. Her favorite part of the school day is circle time and crafts.


Discovery Barn

Carolyn Helm

Carolyn Helm has over 20 years experience in childcare. She enjoys teaching children and seeing them progress from being toddlers to being ready for kindergarten. Her favorite part of the day is walking through the classrooms, seeing smiling faces, and hearing the children laugh.

Allison Chancey
Pre-k 3 Room

I’ve been working at DDLC for two and a half years, and am currently taking Early Childhood Education classes to get my certification. I’m passionate about helping children grow and I love to watch them learn. I love my job and whenever I have free time, or a break, I find another teacher who needs assistance. I’m constantly working to better my understanding of early childhood education and am honored to be a part of a young child’s development.

Celia Garcia
Pre-k 3 Room

I have 18 years of early childhood education experience. I love seeing children smile, and watching their reactions when they accomplish something. It makes me happy to share these moments with them. I love teaching and reading to my students.

Angie Shoemaker
Pre-k Four Room

I have twelve years of early childhood education experience. I’m passionate about teaching children and preparing them for kindergarten. Watching them grow, and boosting their self confidence brings me great joy. I love every morning when the day begins, and knowing the possibilities are infinite.

Nadia Rosas
school- age &floater/aid

I have been teaching the pre-k 3 year old class for over 4 years and have enjoyed watching the children grow from toddlers to preschoolers. The children usually have a lot of growth in their educational abilities at this age and it’s fun to see. I am happily married and have 2 daughters and 2 sons.

Kim Fortenberry
Infants’ Room

I’ve been working at DBLC for two years and the kids and staff here are the best. Every child who comes in is unique, and while I may be the teacher, the kids teach me something new everyday. I love the connections I make with the children and their parents, and the memories that last a lifetime. Each day I love to see the children arrive with smiles on their faces.

Teresa Ontiveros
18 month Room

I love interacting with children, and currently volunteer to mentor kids in the fourth to sixth grade when I’m not at DBLC. I really enjoy circle time and watching each child learn something new everyday.

Debra Hoffman

I have 38 years of early childhood education experience and I love every second of it. Watching children grow and learn is an amazing experience. I treat all of the children as if they were my own. My favorite part of the day is playtime, where I can listen to the children interact with each other.

Lillian Dugan

I have over five and a half years of early education experience. Knowing I have a part in helping children discover new things makes my heart swell. Seeing the look on their faces when they finally “get it” or accomplish something makes me so happy. One of my favorite parts of the day is creating edible art with the children.

Discovery Days

Discovery Barn