The Discovery Difference

Unparalleled Education

Our creative classrooms focus on learning through fun and joy. When children feel supported and nurtured, they are free to grow to their full potential.

Holistic Learning

We have designed routines for our young students to ensure that they’re able to grow mentally and physically. Large playgrounds provide ample opportunity to develop, run, jump, and play safely.

Engaging Educators

Discovery has the unique privilege of offering an educational staff that has both experience and passion. Our teachers come to our center every day with enthusiasm about the role they play in chidlrens’ lives. They understand how important it is, and they’re proud to be a part of this important team.

Respect for Families

We serve our children by serving their families. Our infants’ families receive live updates through HiMama. Parents and caregivers can access photos and updates for their babies throughout the day. Preschool and Afterschool families receive regular newsletters with classroom updates and announcements. Most importantly, our parents and caregivers have face-to-face communication with teachers daily.

Discovery Days

Discovery Barn