We understand that entrusting your children to the care of others is a serious decision and one that parents do not take lightly. At Discovery Days and Discovery Barn we strive to ensure that parents feel comfortable leaving their children in our care.

Our low child to teacher ratio provides each student with the attention and care they need. This not only provides a more nurturing environment but also an environment where no child is ever left unsupervised. Your child deserves the best care possible and we are happy to provide it.

Our outdoor playgrounds are always supervised and secured by fences. Physical activity is essential to a child’s health and fitness, and we take every measure to make sure it’s practiced safely and carefully.

Communication is key, and we understand that parents want to be kept in the loop when it comes to their child. We also have regular meetings with parents and encourage them to provide us with any feedback or concerns they may have. If a child needs special care or attention we’d love to know.

Children spread germs easily and we are in the habit of constantly cleaning and sanitizing our play areas and classrooms. Since Covid-19 we’ve increased our cleaning routines and regularly disinfect and wipedown all areas using non-toxic cleaning supplies. We are devoted to keeping our children, staff, and families safe.